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Laser Levels

Whether you work in construction, geospatial applications or another industry that works with slopes, you likely use laser levels to get the job done. These powerful laser devices can collect accurate data quickly and with minimal operator training. Understanding the value of these tools, we've partnered with trusted manufacturers to offer high-quality laser levels for a variety of applications.

Below are the types of products we offer for laser levels:

  • Precision laser levels: Our collection of accurate laser levels comes from the industry leaders at Spectra Precision Laser. These levels are rugged and durable — built to withstand drops, tripod knock-overs and poor weather conditions — so you can keep working no matter the circumstances. Our Spectra laser levels also come with an array of features, such as automatic self-leveling, one-button operation, visible "spotting" beams and out-of-level shutoff. Most offer single-axis manual slope capabilities along with cross-axis self-leveling for improved accuracy.
  • Laser receivers: In addition to our precision lasers, we also offer receivers with varying sensitivities as separate products. These receivers have rugged housings, long battery lives and exceptional versatility.
  • Laser unit remote controls: Compatible with our Spectra laser levels, this remote control allows for one-person operation of an entire laser system.
  • Adjustable pipe lasers: Working with piping systems? Our Spectra adjustable pipe laser level can fit into pipes of 6 to 21 inches in diameter.
  • Precision laser distance meters: For fast and precise indoor results, this Spectra distance meter can handle odd environments where tape measures aren't viable.
  • Accessories: Various clamps and rechargeable battery packs make it simple to match your needs to the job site.

No matter what kind of laser level equipment you need, you can trust the experts at Duncan-Parnell to help you find the right solution. We work with respected partners and a knowledgeable staff to offer quality supplies that allow for more productive and accurate work.

Successful projects start here. Browse our products to find the best solution for your application, or reach out to us if you'd like more information.