ColorJet Modeling Powder

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ColorJet Modeling Powder

Modeling powder is a raw material that manufacturers use to create 3D-printed objects. This material can be metal or plastic.

One benefit of printing with powder is that the printing process promotes better bonding between individual particles. Directing controlled energy into the particles binds them together via beams of UV light or electrons. The size of modeling powder particles has a significant effect on the finished part's characteristics. As each layer of powder binds to the previous one, the process introduces a new, loose layer. Other than that, the process is similar to other methods of 3D printing.

At Duncan-Parnell, we carry an extensive selection of 3D printing supplies and equipment. These tools are useful in a wide variety of industries, which means we understand how different our customers' projects are from one another. From scanners and software to raw materials and services for smaller businesses, we have the resources to cater to any of your company's 3D printing needs.

Duncan-Parnell is proud to be your ColorJet Modeling Powder supplier.

ColorJet VisiJet PXL Cores

ColorJet cores have applications in a variety of industries. Full-color models are perfect for projects that require architectural models, demonstrations and working geometric challenges. ColorJet printing involves two key elements: a core and a binder. The printer's platform lowers with each layer of powder the printer applies to the core. That gives the printer space to create full-color, 3D parts and objects. Making models from ColorJet products reduces production times and gives you the option to seal your products with a clear coat.

Our selection of ColorJet VisiJet PXL Cores includes products like the VisiJet PXL Core / zp151 Powder Cartridge and the VisiJet PXL Core / zp151 Eco-Drum.

VisiJet PXL Core / zp151 Powder Cartridge

This cartridge is ideal for manufacturing sturdy parts with your desired finish. VisiJet PXL Core has a high green strength from the moment your parts come out of the printer. However, their final strength is even greater. This material is such a pure white that added colors appear vivid.

VisiJet PXL Core / zp151 Eco-Drum

Containing the same High Performance Plus 3D printing material, the Eco-Drum is a cost-effective supply solution for larger manufacturers. High-definition and brightly colored parts are hallmarks of quality models.

Trust Duncan-Parnell as Your ColorJet Supplier

When you work with us at Duncan-Parnell, you will see that we're focused on providing the best products and services to our customers in a variety of industries. Our staff is full of highly certified trainers and experienced technical support representatives who understand our products. We also offer several services. Those services include consultation, project management, installation, design, printing and finishing work. Our creative teams are detail-oriented experts in performing the services we provide.

Check out the details of our commercial-grade modeling powders and other products. Connect with Duncan-Parnell today for more information about our ColorJet Modeling Powder and other 3D printing products. Our customer service personnel are also available to answer questions about any of our services and how we can help you. Successful projects start here. Browse the map on our site to find a Duncan-Parnell location near you. You can also fill out our online contact form or call us at 800-849-7708.