GIS For Asset Management Solutions

Field Asset Management • System Maps • High Accuracy Field Data Collection • Real-time Analysis

GIS for Asset Management Solutionsis a one-stop shop for those wanting to get started managing and mapping assets from the field as well as those wanting to take already mapped assets to the next level. Based on off-the-shelf ArcGIS technology from Esri and bundled with Trimble hardware and/or services, our solution provides you a low-maintenance, affordable solution that anyone can use or manage without having a GIS background.

With modern technology and equipment, it is possible to collect huge amounts of geospatial data in a short time. The key to extracting the most value from your equipment and the data you collect is employing powerful and efficient data management. We can consult with you to provide a customized solution specific to your needs.

Why GIS for Asset Management Solutions?

  • A foundation built on Esri GIS technology
  • A configurable solution built specifically for your operation
  • Low-maintenance and affordable
  • Great for small utilities with limited bandwidth, budget or GIS knowledge
  • Allows for efficient field-to-finish workflows for asset management

Asset Management Hardware & Software:


  • Water
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Stormwater
  • Gas, and More
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Peter Thompson, GISP Utility Solutions Specialist, Duncan-Parnell
At Duncan-Parnell we have identified common stumbling blocks in general data collection efforts from pre-planning collection to publishing a finished project. Our GIS Service Team can help you prepare data for collection, configure & deploy field projects, and migrate field data into your production GIS using web-based applications. Here to help is Peter Thompson. Peter joined Duncan-Parnell in 2016 when he was strategically selected as the Utility Solutions Business Development representative due to his comprehensive background in GIS. Today, Peter focuses on field and office geospatial solutions for utility customers throughout the Carolinas and beyond.

  • A diverse geospatial background with 10 years' experience working with federal, state, and local governments/GIS environments, as well as numerous corporations
  • Experience working with Esri products such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Server, Collector and Workforce
  • GISP Certified
  • A graduate of the University of South Carolina
  • To learn more or request a free demonstration, contact Peter at, or at (704) 351-6979