Monitoring Power Hour: Introducing Trimble Geotechnical

Online  |  Geospatial  |  06.16.2021

Next Level Automated Monitoring

Wednesday | June 16 | 10 AM EST

Today's monitoring projects require comprehensive solutions to solve unique problems. No one sensor can handle all situations and project requirements. Survey and construction professionals can utilize a full range of geospatial and geotechnical solutions from a single provider, resulting in faster and easier deployment and opportunity to address a wider range of applications.

Trimble Monitoring provides a full range of geospatial and geotechnical sensors and software to handle any monitoring project. Take your monitoring to the next level with Trimble.
This webinar will cover:
• Overview of Trimble Geotechnical sensors and software
• How and when to use geotechnical sensors alone or combined with geospatial sensors
• Creating real-time analyses, reports, and alarms of geospatial and geotechnical data in one platform, Trimble 4D Control


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