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Duncan-Parnell Granted FAA Section 333 Exemption


Duncan-Parnell, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted an exemption that will allow the company to conduct commercial operation

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What engineering firm, Seamon Whiteside, thinks about Duncan-Parnell's OSPS program


This short video explains the OSPS program and how it has helped this firm stay ahead of the curve.

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Using AutoCAD Raster Design to Clean Up a Bitonal Image


When working with scanned images, you may encounter some “noise”. Typically, noise is represented as small, unwanted speckles scattered throughout an image. Fortunately, using AutoCAD Raster Design, we can easily clean up noise images to make them suitable for use in production drawings. In this session we’ll explore a technique to remove speckles from a bitonal image.

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