Take the Hassle Out of Your Bid Process


Manage your bid process better with eServices

The bidding phase of your project is very important, but it can be time-consuming. It often takes hours to compile and advertise bid packages, distribute to the right contractors and manage the bid process. With tighter costs and many teams under personnel constraints, you can use all the help you can get right now.

Our eServices solution is ideal for distributing and managing your bid process, allowing you to relax with confidence as we:

  • Post your project with Invitations to Bid (ITB) sent to thousands of contractors in our database
  • Maintain planholder list and distribute all addenda and/or reference material for your project
  • Provide visibility to who has viewed the project and accessed bid documents

We can help take the burden of managing your bids off your shoulders so you're available to focus on other priorities. Learn from our team how leveraging this no-cost, full service, web-based portal for the bid process can save time, hassle and boost your project's visibility.

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