GIS & Mapping Webinar Series: Asset Tools & Innovations


On-Demand Webinars

This free webinar series explores asset management tools and innovations in the GIS and water utilities fields. Each webinar includes insights from an experienced industry expert from Trimble or Duncan-Parnell, product overviews, best practices & more! Browse our on-demand webinars below:

  • Remote Measurement Solutions from Laser Technology, Inc.
    • In this installment of our GIS & Mapping Webinar Series: Asset Management Tools & Innovations we're joined by Kelly Bellar from Laser Technology, Inc. to discuss remote measurement solutions, documenting pole audit inspections and measurement best practices. Attendees will also learn about laser measurement routines, georeferenced laser offsets and pole audits.
  • Wastewater System Awareness: Monitor Flows & More
    • This webinar covers Trimble's solutions for managing wastewater systems. We're joined by Kerry Hoffman from Trimble Water for our presentation and cover CSO/SSO, I&I flow monitoring and rainfall awareness.
  • Trimble GasOps Joins Unity Remote Monitoring: Smarter System Awareness for Gas Pressure Monitoring
    • This webinar covers Trimble Unity GasOps as the mobile platform for natural gas utilities. With a GIS-centric approach, Trimble Unity GasOps allows operators to manage & assign field work, generate work orders in the field, collect all necessary and required field data (inspections/as-builts/leak survey/811 tickets/locates), plus monitor the pressure/temp/flow of the entire network all through one platform, one application.
  • TerraFlex & Positions Desktop: Take it to the Next Level of Capability
    • This webinar reviews TerraFlex and Positions for desktop and the seamless addition they make to your existing geodatabases. Our geospatial experts, Cliff Hoeffner and York Grow, look at post-processing for differential corrections, faster imagery support and coordinating system support to the field.
  • Trimble Unity & ArcGIS Integration: Extending Management of Water Systems to Esri
    • This special webinar and live demo covers Trimble Unity Work Management (WM) and IoT Remote Monitoring (RM) software! Our demo showcases the seamless integration with ArcGIS® and the support for Single Sign-on, Web Maps and Dashboards using the Trimble Unity ArcGIS Connectors, to create and share location-aware data visualizations and analytics across your organization. We show you how these tools provide you with real-time operational insights, drive operational efficiencies and inform decisions, all while leveraging the broad capabilities of the Esri® platform.
  • Optimize & Streamline ArcGIS Online Workflows with Esri's ArcGIS Field Maps
    • This webinar looks at Esri’s ArcGIS Field Maps Beta Testing from a solution provider point of view. Duncan-Parnell’s current solution offering utilizes Trimble GNSS receivers for field data collection and inspections within the ArcGIS Online cloud platform. We review how a Field Maps deployment streamlines and optimizes the solution we offer, providing a more integrated and user-friendly packaged workflow.
  • Trimble Water & Cityworks
    • Learn how to merge the enterprise asset management from Cityworks with the remote monitoring power of Trimble Telog. Featuring Trimble Water's Jeff Smith and Brent Wilson from Cityworks, this webinar covers how Trimble’s acquisition of Cityworks enables comprehensive water asset management.
  • Trimble SiteVision & GIS: 3D Visualization
    • Learn how to take utilities and GIS data into the field with 3D visualization. 3D visualization allows for site realization for planning and inspection purposes. Trimble’s SiteVision solution provides an accurate, portable platform. This webinar reviews SiteVision capabilities and discusses the need for robust data sets and what it takes for data to be “3D ready” for the field.
  • Trimble Water HPR & Unity Remote Monitoring
    • This webinar focuses on all the uses for the latest Trimble HPR 32 series as well as how Unity Remote Monitoring (RM) is used to give easy access to pressure data. Monitoring water pressure is critical for utilities in tracking customer complaints, water loss, and infrastructure issues. The hydrant pressure recorder (HPR) has long been a Telog standard for this monitoring. Unity RM is also used for monitoring, reporting and management of many water and wasterwater assets. With utilities operating remotely due to COVID-19 issues, Unity RM leads the way in gathering and sharing timely and critical data.
  • TerraFlex 2020: Moving From TerraSync to TerraFlex
    • In this webinar attendees learn about Trimble’s program to transition to TerraFlex from TerraSync and Pathfinder Office. Experts demonstrate some office transition tools, and from the field, show you the interface as you connect to a GNSS receiver and use a laser rangefinder.
  • Trimble Unity & E.H. Wachs Valve Turning
    • In this webinar Jeff Smith from Trimble Water discusses how how the Trimble Unity Valve Exercising App integrates with E.H. Wachs VITALS software to provide a streamlined GIS-based valve exercising workflow and the benefits of Trimble's utility software.
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