AMS Partners

As of July 12, 2021 our Additive Manufacturing Solutions division has been acquired by TPM. Due to this recent announcement please visit TPM to learn more about additive solutions.
3D Systems has led the way in 3D printing since its co-founding in 1983 by the inventor of 3D printing, Chuck Hull. 3D Systems focuses on bringing 3D solutions to its many customers around the world in a range of industries from aerospace and automotive to healthcare. 3D Systems is renowned for how they have revolutionized manufacturing workflows with their comprehensive portfolio of 3D printers, materials and software. Learn More
Markforged is a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, print systems and software, and is an innovator in the technologies and materials that continue to define this emerging industry. Markforged specializes in purpose-built industrial technologies and a wide range of manufacturing-ready materials that expand the applications for additive manufacturing. Learn More
Measuring parts using traditional methods is a time-consuming process prone to human-error. Using a 3D scanner dramatically reduces the time it takes to measure an object and produces accurate data that can be used to create a fully formed 3D model. Artec 3D scanners allow you to digitally capture complex objects that were once deemed impossible or too costly to scan. Learn More