Color 3D Printing

As of July 12, 2021 our Additive Manufacturing Solutions division has been acquired by TPM. Due to this recent announcement please visit TPM to learn more about additive solutions.

3D Printing In Color

3D printing in full, realistic color is complex. There are a number of color 3D printing systems on the market, but they cannot achieve full-color, only partial. However, full-color, 3D-printed models are not only possible, they can be very cost-effective.

Full-color 3D printers are able to create objects with photorealistic color by mixing different colored binders or inks together to obtain precise shades and gradients, similar to regular, 2D-paper printers.

Ideal applications for Color 3D Printing:

  • Communication Models - text labels, logos, design comments, or images directly onto concept and presentation models. Impress investors, buyers, and executives with quality designs and prototypes.
  • Medical Models - Realistic 3D models reduce operating time, enhance physician/patient communication, and improve patient outcomes.
  • Industrial Design Validation - Rapid design iteration, evaluation, and refinement. This also includes finite element analysis (FEA) results and assemblies. Bring designs to life and create a better final product.
  • Educational Models - Engage students by bringing digital concepts into the real world with 3D color models that they can hold in their hands.
  • Architectural and Geospatial Models - Beautiful, highly detailed architectural and geospatial models improve communication and speed decision making processes for all of the stakeholders of a project.
  • Entertainment and Art Pieces - Produce stunning custom avatars, figurines, collectibles, and sculptures with ease.
  • Museum Models – Recreate works of art, human models, or the skeletal structures of extinct species.

Not every application requires full-color or specific-color 3D printing, but there are significant benefits from the increased communication and detail that a color model provides.

The Benefits of 3D Printing In Color:

  • Unique photorealistic full-color professional quality (full-spectrum)
  • Fast print speed
  • Low operating costs
  • Safe and eco-friendly, using natural products-based build materials
  • Easy post-processing with no supports to remove
  • Make your designs stand out

Available 3D Printers at Duncan-Parnell

At Duncan-Parnell, our team is excited to share 3D Systems ProJet ColorJet Printers (CJP). We can help you select the right printer for your application and ensure your team is set up for success. Whether you’re looking at color 3D printing for medical devices, educational materials or architectural models, we have the right equipment for you.
Talk to the 3D experts at Duncan-Parnell about your needs and projects and we will help you find the best printer for your application. We provide our team with frequent training to stay on top of a quickly changing industry. We’re equipped to help you find the best printer for your application and work with your team to ensure successful production!